Which Slime Is For Me?

Which Slime Is For Me?

Thick and Glossy Slime

This is a white base slime that is thick but still stretchy. This slime is fun for table play, poking, and pulling. This slime can also often make bubbles which creates a popping sound white playing. Glitter and other add ins do not show up well in this slime as the white glue base hides them.


Butter or Slay Slime

This is a holdable slime with a very soft and smooth texture from the addition of clay added into the slime.

Cloud and Cloud Cream Slimes

These slimes are a white base slime with instant snow added. This creates a fluffy soft slime that can drizzle like a snow falling from a cloud. It becomes more fluffy as it is stretched.

The cloud cream has less snow added and does not drizzle well but instead makes soft cake batter texture.

Clear Slime

Clear slime is a thicker base that can show off pigments, beads, glitter, or fimo add ins making this a beautiful slime! This slime must be stretched more slowly as it is prone to tearing. It is a more sensitive glue that can be easily over-activated or even melted.

Jelly and Icee Slimes

This is a clear base with the addition of a small amount of instant snow. The addition of snow helps the stretch of a typical clear slime. The texture looks just like jelly!

Icee slimes have even more instant snow added creating a more wet slime with an icee texture.

Crunchy Slime

This is a thicker slow stretch slime that can make wonderful noises based on the add ins included in the slime. The add ins may be styrofoam beads, fishbowl beads, or bingsu beads.

Jelly Cube Slime


This slime had foam cubes added in to give the slime a squishy texture.

Snow Fizz Slime


Snow fizz slime includes the add in of artificial snow. The artificial snow creates a rougher texture in the slime and makes the slime holdable. It also creates a crunchy, sizzle sound while playing with the slime.

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