5 Benefits of Slime For Adults

5 Benefits of Slime For Adults

Why are so many adults playing with slime?

Slime is not just a kid’s toy! It can benefit our daily lives.

Stress Relief: Like a stress ball, when you squeeze slime in your palm, then release, and repeat this pattern, you release stress and tension.

Refocus: Slime allows you to focus on something other than the stress you might be feeling. When you take a break from stress, endorphins are released making you feel happy.

ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) can provide benefits to our mental health. The crunch and squish sounds that are made while playing with slime promote a calm and more relaxed mindset.

Aromatherapy: Slimes are often scented. Scents have been known to evoke memories, aid in sleep, calm agitation, or even energize.

It is Fun!: Take time to play, and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

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