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"This Fright Night Jack Skellington slime is super crunchy and smells good. good packing and awesome freebies! glass activator spray bottle, candy, mochi squishy and a free butter sample. I would definitely order from them again."

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"ONE OF MY FAVORITE SLIMES!  It's beautiful and I love the moons and bats in it SO much!  It has an amazing fragrance that reminds me of grapes!  I LOVE this slime!  I play with it the most out of my slime collection.  Thank you!"

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Abby, PA


"I love this slime (Candy Corn Crunch) so much!  Great packaging and was exactly as described."

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"Purchased Fossil Fizz for my son's birthday and when it arrived I immediately had to give it to him!  The dinosaur included was amazing and the slime which arrived on a very hot day was still good quality.  Son decided it's worth a 5 star review!"

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"First time ordering slime and I love it!  Thank you!"

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"The Dragon's Breath slime smells amazing.  The brightness of the orange and the way it shines and shimmers in the light is absolutely stunning and it seems to never get cloudy at all.  It is just beautiful.  It smells absolutely phenomenal.  Has a great texture that is thick and stretchy and pops really well and I live the little dragon figurine.  I love this slime!  Thank you so much. :D"

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"The Hula Butter slime has an amazingly creamy butter slime texture.  Gives some great bubble pops and smells so good.  I had such a great time mixing it together.  Thank you so much!  It's lovely!"

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"This (Blackberry Sour) is a 10/10 bingsu bead slime.  I am so impressed.  The bead vs. slime ratio is absolutely perfect for a super crunchy slime with a ton of bubble pops.  The scent is absolutely mouth watering.  I love everything about it.  Thank you so much!"

Nezu, TN


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