Jelly and Icee - Items tagged as "Tropical slime"

Jelly and Icee

Jelly and Icee slimes from our slime shop include instant snow! They have great stretch, pokes, and pops. Some even make a sizzly sound.  These slimes are a stretchy version of clear slime and make for perfect fruit, and tropical scents.  Jelly and icee slimes also make for realistic cake batter slimes!  These slimes can deactivate with warm hands due to the instant snow, and be more wet or sticky to the touch.  Keep some activator on hand to return your slime to the perfect texture. Looking to buy a jelly or icee slime of your own?  Check out our online slime collections for the perfect slime.

Looking for a slime to create and decorate yourself?  Take a look at out slime DIY collection!

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