Interesting Slime Facts

Interesting Slime Facts

Slime Likes To Rest

Many types of slime are not feeling their best the day they are made. The day after slime is made, your slime is usually a better texture. Clear slime needs to rest for weeks before it make it to your door. When clear slime is made or used in play, bubbles are produced causing your slime to be foggy. Once clear slime has had time to sit for a long period of time, the bubbles rise and the slime will become clear once again.


Icee Slime and Jelly Slimes

 These slimes are made with instant snow. As you play with these types of slime, your warm hands may slightly melt the snow causing a sticky feeling. A small amount of activator may need to be kept nearby while playing with these slimes. Activator will help with the stickiness, and return your slime to it’s original state.


Some slimes are more holdable than other slimes, meaning they will not drip but instead hold their shape when held. Butter slimes and Snow Fizz slimes are typically very holdable and make great choices for younger slimers.

There Are So Many Types Of Slime!

When people think of slime, they think of the drippy, sticky mess from the store. Homemade slime comes in so many texture and should NOT be a sticky mess! Some slimes include special clay that makes them inflate, makes them soft, and creamy, and makes them very holdable. Others have crunchy artificial snow or even instant snow for drizzly slime. Slime can have styrofoam balls or bingsu beads. The quantity of these add-ins create so many unique slime textures, making slime such an amazing toy, and stress reliever.

Sense Of Slime

Did you know slime is one of the most incredible toys because it engages 4 of our senses and 5 if you include eatible slimes! Slime is often colored, designed, glittered, sprinkled, and decorated to look like a piece of art to please our sense of sight. Most slime is scented. These scents can energize, calm, or even recall memory incorporating our sense of smell. A variety of slime textures are available to enjoy. From squishy, and smooth, to rough or bumpy, there is a texture for everyone. Finally, slime frequently has a sound! Clicks, pops, crunches, and sizzles are common sounds all made with slime. In fact, there are videos created entirely of slime sounds called ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response. Pleasant sounds that people refer to as a “brain message”. What other toy or activity can you think of that can activate so many of our senses at once?

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