Pop It Activities

Strategic Pop It Game-

*This is a two player game.  The goal is to get your partner to pop the last bubble on the pop it toy, allowing you to win!

*Players take turns popping bubbles on the pop it.  During your turn, you may pop 1, 2, or 3 bubbles but they must be in the same row. 

*Players alternate taking turns until there are only a few bubbles left.  Be strategic in your choice of how many bubbles you pop on your fidget to force your opponent to pop the last bubble.


Phonological Awareness Activity-

Phonological awareness is the ability to notice, think about, and work with the individual sounds, or phonemes spoken words. This ability is critical to pre reading skills. 

When given a word orally, the child will pop a bubble for each sound they hear in the word. Dog= /d/ /o/ /g/. would mean 3 bubbles should be popped.  The pops correlate to sounds rather than letters.  For example "boat" has 3 sounds but 4 letters.  3 bubbles should be popped.  Play at the level of your child.  For example, children= /ch/ /i/ /l/ /d/ /r/ /e/ /n/.  That's 7 pops!