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Lemons and Slimes

SKU: 8ozMS

You will receive a butter slime, cloud slime, thick and glossy slime, clear slime, icee slime, or jelly slime. Your slime will come with a scent, and add-ins.  This purchase will be a complete surprise! 

If your slime arrives sticky from weather while traveling, just add a very small amount of provided activator to get your slime back to the perfect texture. Each slime also includes a care sheet. Slime should be stored in it's container when not in use.

Sensory play can improve fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. Slime can calm and refocus a child as they squish, squeeze, pull, and stretch. Scents can also provide stress relief and enjoyment. Slime is a great gift for kids and adults alike.

Slime can be smooth, rough, crunchy, soft, stretchy, thick, thin, or even wispy. What is your favorite texture?